Benefits in making a Wedding List with ROOF Design Studio:

  • The Bride and Groom enjoy, at zero cost, the experience and creativity of a team of designers and architects, who will design a project of interiors customized and adapted to the needs and individual taste of the couple. The result (total or partial) of this project will be the Wedding List of the Bride and Groom;
  • Guests will always be able to access the online wedding list, since ROOF team creates a small platform that allows consults and making offers without needing to move to the studio;
  • This eliminates the risk of receiving unwanted gifts from the guests - these will be advised by our team regarding the preferences and selection of the Bride and Groom;
  • The Bride and Groom enjoy a discount of 10% * of the total gifts received for purchases of items in stock, as well as maintaining a 10% reduction on all purchases made for a period of one year. (*for project situations only)