ROOF Design Studio is a company focused in interior/exterior design, composed of a team of architects, designers and other elements capable of designing a space in a customized way, totally according to the preferences and needs of each client.

A work followed by a professional and experienced team always has better results, as it manages the budget available and the client's time very efficiently.

With an experienced team in charge, there are no uncoordinated parts or impulse purchases. There is rather the care to choose each material and piece carefully, not neglecting the aesthetics and the quality that characterize us.

Each space is unique and deserves total dedication, is worked in a very particular and personalized way, so that each project reflects the spirit of its users, still with the creativity and originality for which ROOF studio is known.

The whole process begins in a briefing, in person or by videoconference, where the client clarifies with our team what he wants, what expectations he has created for his space and the budget that he planned to invest. Plans and photos are required.

ROOF selects items from the most diverse national or international collections, in order to offer to the client proposals with design, originality and of quality. Our team of technicians and creatives is still able to develop and produce customized pieces, according to all preferences and needs. This part allows the customer to purchase unique pieces, more adequate and functional in their space, endowing it with charisma and exclusivity.